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5 Tips to Customize Your Bedroom With Unique Style

Are you searching for an original way to decorate your bedroom? Consider incorporating photos of your loved ones onto duvets, pillowcases and cushion covers as part of a personalized theme. Or have favorite quotes or movie characters printed onto bedsheets – adding an individualistic touch and personalizing your look further! You could even opt for color specific sheets – something which could create a truly bespoke color scheme all your own!

Personalizing your bedroom with decorative wall art or framed photos can be done easily; but why not go the extra step and use personalized stickers instead? They’re simple to install and come in various designs so that your room reflects who you are as an individual.

Add an eye-catching wallpaper or painted accent wall for an eye-catching finish in your bedroom – just remember to keep the rest of the space clear so as not to feel overwhelmed by any visual clutter.

One easy way to add luxury and sophistication to your bedroom is with a luxurious rug. Not only will this feel amazing underfoot when stepping out of bed, but it will help tie together your color scheme as well as all of your furniture and decor elements into an overall cohesive look.

Simple way to add luxurious elements into your bedroom: upgrade the hardware on dressers and nightstands. It’s an inexpensive way to give your space more elegance, plus matching hardware can easily be found both online and in local home improvement stores.

If you want to go the extra mile in designing your bedroom, adding molding or wainscoting could add an elegant and sophisticated feel. Crown molding or ceiling medallion could create a classic aesthetic while beadboard is better suited to create more of a Victorian atmosphere.

Metallics have quickly become a trendy interior design trend, instantly elevating any bedroom to an elevated aesthetic. Use metallic accents on picture frames, mirrors, bed frames or lighting fixtures – gold and silver neutral colors allow more versatility when choosing metallic accent pieces for use in your room.

Make the bedroom your own by adding natural textures through textiles. Layer linen sheets with textured pillows and crocheted throws for an instant boost in texture. Or switch up your look even further by layering knit blankets atop each other!

Your bedroom should reflect a sense of balance and harmony through its use of symmetry, such as matching nightstand height with lamp, or placing identically sized mirrors either side of your bedroom window. Furthermore, playing with matching curtains and upholstery to create a uniform look.

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