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Top 5 Social Media Tools That Are Highly Used in Everyday Life

Top Five Social Media Tools That are Highly Used Everyday In order for businesses to remain competitive, they need a consistent presence across various platforms. That is where social media management tools come into play; they enable automated posts, monitored performance analytics and team collaboration – but with so many options out there it may be hard finding one suitable to your needs at an affordable price point. Here is our selection of five of the most versatile and multipurpose tools out there which provide plenty of functionality at a reasonable cost point.

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Hootsuite is a comprehensive marketing suite with the reputation for being a one-stop solution for social media management and analytics. Its robust feature set makes it attractive, particularly to marketers needing to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, while its in-app integrations expand its functionality beyond simply scheduling and monitoring posts – it provides advanced features like analytics and content creation as well. However, Hootsuite may be too pricey for smaller businesses.

SocialPilot is an efficient and cost-effective option for social media management, offering automatized posting across major social networks like Instagram and Facebook. With its content library feature to organize posts as well as automatically adding hashtags for maximum reach, SocialPilot also supports up to four social networks for maximum team collaboration features.

Social Oomph’s free tools make it easy to schedule tweets, track keywords and shorten links, while the premium version gives you access to analyze and monitor both social media accounts as well as competitors – with reports and analytics to help improve performance on Twitter.

BuzzSumo is an invaluable tool for discovering the most shared content across multiple social networks and influencers. Additionally, the site displays articles, videos, and blogs relevant to any given topic; providing an excellent way to discover potential posts for social media posting.

Visual content creation is an essential element of social media strategies. There are various free tools that can assist in this regard – such as videos, images, Pinterest boards and infographics. The key is making sure it resonates with your target audience.

Ideally, Pablo provides an easy and straightforward way to share an inspiring quote or image online. This web-based editor makes editing photos and designing memes simple with its variety of effects and stickers; plus there are tons of popular hashtags you can include when posting!

Avidemux, a free video editing program, gives you basic control of the files you’re working with. With it you can alter brightness, contrast and other settings as well as trim and crop footage as needed; text and logos can even be added. Avidemux makes an invaluable asset to any brand looking to produce and share original visual content.

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